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I hope you have a few minutes. I am going to compile one of my longest blog posts ever. It’s about photographing birds. I could write 10 books on this subject and still not cover everything. So this post won’t either. But hopefully there’s enough here to get anyone who’s seriously interested off to a […]

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Pelican in Flight

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Matt Kloskowski who’s a lead instructor at Photoshop World. You can take a class called Lights, Aerial Camera, Action! with Russell Brown at the conference. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people on if/when/how I’ll use a quad copter in my landscape photography. The DJI Phantom has been getting a ton […]

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Double Exposure is catching on as quite the artistic trend.  Whether it’s digital or analog, the process of double exposing your frame always makes for an interesting and beautiful mix of emotion.  And our friends over at ViewBug had a great contest for double exposures, and the top 26 were quite fantastic. “Spirit Within” by elyktra […]

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