As a wedding photographer, I have plenty of cameras to keep track of. Usually at least two are mine, at least two are my second shooter’s, and occasionally I have an intern along as well. That means there are a lot of opportunities for time variations with the internal clock of the camera. I would […]

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managing uncle bob

Uncle Bobs are unavoidable at weddings. I case you don’t know what I’m referring to, an “Uncle Bob” is a person (usually a family member) at a wedding that fancies themselves as good as a professional photographer. They often have decent equipment and you can see them buzzing about with their camera and lens going […]

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Feature Image

“Your greatest curse could be your greatest blessing” Shadows, at times they are such a curse, but with a bit of creative manipulating they can be a wonderful blessing. When working on a Hollywood set there are times I’ll will have the Grips (the guys who rig things, their name comes from old Hollywood “because […]

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Hooray for Ugly Shoes

In case you haven’t realized it yet, wedding days are really long days. The effects of being “on” 100% of the time and carrying gear while traipsing all about can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. For years my feet would be screaming by hour 6. I tried lots of things for my cute dress […]

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mangaging the pinterest bride

We live in an image driven world of social media. There’s no getting around it. Today’s photographers are dealing with clients who have access to millions more “ideas of imagery” than the clients of yesteryear. In the past, a bride would likely have only seen a few friend’s wedding images or a few in magazines. […]

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This week we catch up with a lot of great folks.  Our main interviews are with Lisa Robinson and Bert Monroy who will both share techniques and inspiration.  We’re honored to have Scott Bourne back on the show as a co-host this week and we even catch up with the creator of the Platypod Pro.

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Editor’s Note: Don’t miss this week’s free event on when to jump from Lightroom to Photoshop.   Photoshop Luminance Masks are a great way to edit an image targeting just the areas you want. These masks aren’t solid black and whites but mirror the luminance values of a channel or channels. Lets jump into Photoshop and see […]

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