One of the most used tools on a Hollywood set, oh heck on any set, is the C-Stand. C in Roman numerals representing the numeral 100 is how the C-Stand got its name, 100’s of uses. When closed it’s 53″ high, it can be extended to 10’6″, it usually is ordered with a 40″ arm […]

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Featured II

Some of the most used tools on a Hollywood set are C-Stands and Apple Boxes. Then there are these little babies, Baby Plates. What is a Baby Plate you ask? It’s a 5/8 stud, about 3″ tall, welded onto a 3.5″ x 6″ metal plate. It has many uses. Allow me to share a few […]

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It’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re shooting indoors looking out to a sliding glass door or window and it’s brighter outside than on your set. Your talent is moving so HDR is not an option. You really don’t want a silhouette, if you expose for the talent then your sliding glass door or window blows […]

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Snow White features

A great way to challenge yourself and enhance your skills is to shoot some personal projects. Here is an opportunity to stretch your imagination. Building sets, buying props, coordinating wardrobe, scouting locations and casting talent are all part of the process of shooting your personal projects. When you apply all these things, your ideas will […]

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This week we catch up with a photographer and a Lightroom expert.  First Pamela Berry talks with photographer and music video producer Chris Horseman.  Then Robert Vanelli talks with Bryan O’Neil Highes from Adobe about his photography, Lightroom, and Lightroom Mobile.

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Most people refer to it as a clothes pin; in Hollywood it’s referred to as a C-47. They were named that way because back in the day there were 47 pins in a pack. The C stands for clamp, hence C-47. We’ll take them and reverse the way they clamp so that they have more […]

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Christmas Composite Photo