This week’s podcast interviews two gurus to help you with your photo skills.  First up is photographer and host of This Week in Photo, Frederick Van Johnson.  Then we catch up with Photoshop guru and author Justin Seeley.


I’ve recently been doing more and more real-estate photography. I started prepping to do a beautiful condo that happens to have this amazing ocean-like floor. It’s actually quite glossy and as I was talking with fellow Photofocus contributor Mark Morrow for advice he told me I had to get Photomatix. I’m still excited to get a […]

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Lighting Dark Skin

Portraits of people with white or Caucasian skin are defined by the shadows. Darker skin–African American, Asian, Hispanic, Indian and Native American are shaped by highlights. Source of Illumination & Fill Panel This portrait of Shawn is lit with a three foot Chimera Octa Plus light bank powered by a Dynalite Studio Head electronic flash […]

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Lumix GH4, Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 lens, f/3.2, 1/50s, ISO 1000. Crank the ISO and extend battery life.

One of the best reasons to go to trade shows is to get your hands on new gear. I’m not talking about the latest camera or lens from Nikon or Canon–you can hold that and try it on at the camera store any time you want. No, the best gear to get your hands on […]

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It isn’t very often that I switch camera systems.  Especially after I’ve spent more than $10,000 of my precious life-sustaining money on crap and gear combined with more time than a grad student would study just to learn how to use it all. My photography career changed ever since, um… I wanted it to change. Part […]

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Lets set up the scene. You have a 55 member family shoot. You loose count the ratio of kids to adults but all you know is that the kids out number the adults by a long margin. The ONLY time the family can all be together is 2 pm in the afternoon which adds to […]

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Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Joe McNally to Photofocus.  While Joe’s a busy guy, he’ll be making some posts here from time to time.  Please give a warm welcome to Joe and encourage him by leaving feedback on the article and sharing it with your friends. It Started with a Shimmer… Actually, a shimmer […]

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