I’ve gathered up some of the best deals for photographers.  While there’s a ton of things out there, I’ve limited my list to those companies who’ve been a part of the Photofocus family. Perfectly Clear Our friends at Athentech has their Photoshop and Lightroom plugins as well as their desktop software on sale. Get both Photoshop […]

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Lumix GH4, 42.5mm f/1.2mm lens, f/1.2, 1/100s, ISO 800. Get real impact by getting closer to your subject. This picture would be lost without the detail in those eyes.

Photographs are wonderful things, and one of their amazing characteristics is the detail we can see in a picture. I’m pretty observant of details in face to face contact, so I enjoy the fact that my camera can record those details with great clarity and I can share them with others. However, digital noise sometimes […]

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In this free webinar, you’ll learn the essential skills to make your images stand out and look their best. Bringing Out the Details in Your Photos with Perfectly Clear for Photoshop and Lightroom Do you want to make your images pop?  Learn how to make your images really jump off the page in Lightroom and Photoshop. Remove […]

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This week we catch up with professional photographer Tim Wallace to learn about lighting and the photo business.  We then sit down with Brad Malcolm from Perfectly Clear to talk about lies that cameras tell (and what you can do about it).

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Step 5: Wait a few moments, and you will see the preset apply to your photos.

When processing photos in Lightroom’s Develop module, if you want to apply a preset you are only able to apply the preset to one file at a time. Sure, you can sync the files, but that one extra step can be a nuisance if you would like to simply use a preset. Thankfully, there is […]

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Earlier this week we held a fun hangout with Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe to talk about mobile workflow and the new Adobe apps.  A ton of interesting things were covered and a bunch of secrets came out on how to really unlock power inside the apps.  There were even a few big hints dropped […]

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Let night, I got into a quick discussion last night with Tom Hogarty from Adobe about HDR. Yesterday I made a small note in Mason Marsh’s article about Lightroom using a 16-bit HDR file while Aurora, Photomatix, and Photoshop use 32-bit images. Turns out that’s not a completely fair comparison.  Lightroom uses a 16-bit floating […]

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