Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Nick Minore.  We hope you enjoy it.  Please leave comments below about the story and if you enjoy Nick’s writing. Regular maintenance of your gear is the first step to better pictures. In our studio, we maintain our gear about once a year. Frequency can be determined by […]

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We’ve seen some pretty cool new companies and products throughout the history of the industry.  With a record number of photographers and constant technological advancements of new equipment, rental companies have boomed with the curiosity of growing photographers.  And personally, I’m grateful for the services these rental companies provide the industry in allowing artists to […]

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Editor’s Note: Our founder, Scott Bourne has been enjoying the life of a “retired” photographer.  But we’ve passed on feedback that many of you would like to hear from him, from time to time.  Scott promises some new posts and we’ll be handpicking some of his most useful ones from the archives for updates. A few years back, I […]

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There are people who’s sole job is to find great locations. If you’re not on a commercial shoot and can’t afford to hire a location scout, never fear! Let’s go through a few places to find great locations. Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps in the world. Users can upload […]

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Filters of all sorts, flashes, cards, readers, light-meters, remote triggers, straps, battery chargers, batteries, business cards, business card holders, lens bags, cases, cords, levels, tripods, lens cloths, blah, blah, blah. Do you need it all and does it have to be the best of the best? YES, GO BUY IT ALL RIGHT NOW (but only […]

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Let me begin by saying I’ve had the same camera travel bag for over 12 years. I like it, it met my needs … or so I thought. After getting the Airport International v2.0 Rolling Camera Bag, I realized how much I’ve been missing. Continue reading


Don’t miss our next Google Hangout. The event is Wednesday, August 20, 2014.  It’s absolutely free to attend thanks to It starts at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific. Join Skip Cohen, Richard Harrington, and guest Tony Corbell. They’ll explore practical advice for professional and semiprofessional photographers to help with the challenges in running a modern photo business. This Google Hangout […]

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