I recently rented a Lumix 35-100mm f/2.8 G Vario lens from so that I could show you the difference between a 70-200mm lens on a full-frame Nikon and a 35-100mm lens on a Micro Four Thirds Lumix, as well as the value of such comparisons. First of all, let’s define some things: Bokeh: The […]

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One of our friends here at Photofocus, ThinkTank Photo, recently sent me a bag to review: the CityWalker 10 in blue. Because I had recently purchased the Fuji X-T1 camera, I am on the prowl for the “perfect” bag to carry around on a daily basis. I thought that the CityWalker 10 would be a worthy competitor, […]

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The Thecus N2560, is a two-bay NAS targeted for the prosumer. What does that mean in layman’s terms for someone like me? Simple, I have more storage space. My Need for More Space I’m not a tech person. Just ask Richard Harrington who shakes his head at my MacBook when I can’t figure why my […]

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Pentax 645D, 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW Lens, f/11, five frame HDR, ISO 200. Lately, I’ve been exploring medium format photography.  I recently rented a Pentax 645D digital medium format kit from This let me really test out the format and the camera. What I Got The kit I tried included the camera body and […]

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I’ve been working with a great athlete lately Zach DiPaolo.  He flies through the air on motorbikes (a skill I can’t possibly fathom to develop). To do this I needed some specialty gear. This week, Director of Photography Jim Ball and I set out to really capture Zach in as many ways as possible. I […]

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The invention of editing is the thing that allowed film to take off. — Walter Murch Occasionally, clients will balk at the time/cost of the edit. To the uninformed, the edit may seem like simple, mechanical task when, in fact, the editor is the last storyteller to touch a film project. When I meet such […]

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Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post from Eduardo Angel, filmmaker and educator. The friendly waiter at the Turkish restaurant in Sohar, Oman, saw the camera on the table and asked “Nikon? Canon? Which one is better?” To which I replied, “actually, this is a Panasonic GH3.” He stared at me, and his expression turned from excited […]

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