There is no right and wrong, there is only interesting, and less interesting.

Sam Mendes

Hey young artists… the biggest lie you could tell yourselves right now is that you don’t need to learn the business stuff.

Learn it.

— Jeremy Cowart

Triptik Studio by Jeremy Cowart

Lately, I have been researching studio configurations. Jeremy Cowart’s Triptik Studio Walkthrough got the juices flowing; especially the rolling backdrop that doubles as storage for bounces, flags and other gear. My space is an open floorplan and I already have plenty of stuff on casters, including my edit desk. I’d never thought of something like […]

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You have rebuilt your photo archive. Now, you have a collection of hard drives, USB drives and CF/SD card that need to be addressed. To start, decide which drives stay and which should go. Here are a few things to consider:

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Finally, it is time to bring everything into Lightroom. Before starting, you have a couple of decisions to make. Review the following information and decide where you want your Lightroom assets to live and how you want Lightroom to manage those assets.

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Up until this point, we have been adding to our DAM drives. Consolidation gathered everything together. Conformation added both order and context to the working DAM drive while identifying possible duplicates within it. Now, act on this information and begin to cull the repository of duplicate data and media you do not need to process.

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After consolidating source media on the DAM drives, everything is now in one place. Along the way, it is likely that some duplicate data has been created and some media has been copied that we really do not need. At this point, the DAM drives look something like this:

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