Color is the way our eyes perceive how energetic light waves are.

A sunset. A flag. The eyes of your beloved. That shiny new car.

The feelings they inspire happen when something inside you is triggered by a particular variation in the frequency and energy of light waves.

Neil deGrasse Tyson


Last year at Photoshop World, I was introduced to Jeremy Cowart’s work by a close friend who considers Cowart a big influence on his own work. I liked what I saw and began following Cowart’s blog. Recently, he was named the Most Socially Influential Photographer on the Internet. Cowart responded to this accolade with tremendous […]

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Everything in an image is important. Everything.

So, even if you have this beautiful band of color in the middle, everything matters all the way to the edges.

— Robert Rodriguez Jr.


I love my GoPro cameras. One is a constant companion in my backpack. A few years ago, I had an idea to shoot a behind-the-scenes time lapse of my near constant travel (e.g. coming/going to the airport, planes taking off/landing). I put fifteen or so videos in the can but soon gave up on the […]

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Build your own Raspberry Pi powered touchscreen digital camera with interchangeable lenses! — SnapPiCam As you look at the photo above, I am sure some of you are thinking … “I have no use for such an odd beast.” Think again. A while back, I wrote about what I hope to see when GoPro releases […]

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Copyright 2014 Doug Daulton

Where to start? “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” Hmmm. Like New Zealand, parts of Iceland certainly feel like Middle Earth; more on that in a future post. I suppose, like Bilbo, it is best that I start at the beginning. Some months ago, my friend Geoffrey Orthwein told me he […]

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As I have done every spring since I was a kid, I hunkered down with my family to watch the The Oscars a few weeks back. Always interesting, the 2014 event featured three nominees whose personal stories should serve as an inspiration to creatives of every stripe. As you consider their stories, think about the […]

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If you are a wildlife shooter, Moose Peterson’s recent book “Captured” has a lot of great insights and is worth picking up. Over the last year, I have really embraced one of Moose’s big ideas: developing relationships with the people in my community who work with and know the local wildlife. In doing so, one […]

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The invention of editing is the thing that allowed film to take off. — Walter Murch Occasionally, clients will balk at the time/cost of the edit. To the uninformed, the edit may seem like simple, mechanical task when, in fact, the editor is the last storyteller to touch a film project. When I meet such […]

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Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus ten thousand times is skill. — Shinichi Suzuki The idea of 10,000 repetitions as a path to mastery is not new. It has been a principle of Eastern thought for a very long time and has been made popular in business by Malcolm Gladwell and in photography by Steve Simon. […]

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Having an off day? Questioning whether or not your photography “measures up”? Worried you may never be “good enough”? Take a few minutes to watch this video featuring producer/writer/actor Ira Glass (This American Life) discussing self-doubt, one of the real challenges of the creative life, and how to overcome it. Then, go do the work. […]

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Though I had some early training as an artist and storyteller, I began my career in human services, not the creative field. For those eleven years, I rarely picked up a camera if not on vacation or put pen to paper unless I was writing a report.  The urge to create professionally never left me, […]

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One of the very first lessons I learned when I began working with Pixel Corps was the priority sound takes in motion pictures. Alex Lindsay is fond of saying “If your sound is bad, your image can be pristine and the viewer will disconnect.” For this reason, every talented filmmaker I know is fanatical about […]

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Photo by dreamerve

As a freelancer, I wear different hats depending on the job and the client.  Whether I am a Producer, DP or Event Photographer, a big part of my job is knowing how to ask for and get what I need to make the job work for my client. I began my career in human services. […]

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Professionally, I often use GoPro cameras to capture behind-the-scenes footage and time-lapses of pipeline builds for clients. Personally, I use it as my primary dive camera, at least until I settle on a pro dive rig. For the price, form factor, image quality and general ease of use, it is hard to beat the GoPro […]

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