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This is some information I compiled for the Aperture 3.0 class I taught at The free class is over, but these notes are a continuation thereof. I cannot provide any technical support on this over and above offering the free notes, but if you want to wade through them, I think they might be helpful to most Aperture users. If you purchased (or purchase) the Aperture 3 training they will possibly make more sense. They are from the 3rd and final session. I’ll post the 25 questions and answers from the session this afternoon here at Here are the eight tips and tricks I showed during class. If you’re an Aperture user, I guarantee that you won’t be familiar with all of them, unless you watched the class (or work at Apple) :)

Aperture 3.0 tips & tricks:

1. DOUBLE CLICK any individual slider in the adjustment brick to reset it.

2. SHIFT OPTION + or – Changes the Size of the Loupe Tool Area.

3. HOLD COMMAND key while adjusting crop to remove rule of thirds.

4. COMMAND drag the recovery slide to view color clipping overlays – more accurate way to view and retrieve clipped highlights.

5. HOLD OPTION down when sending an image to external editor to create a new version on export.

6. LIVE WHITE BALANCE PREVIEW TRICK – Click the white balance eyedropper to select a neutral grey. When you click on the image, DON’T release the mouse. Click and hold allows you
to roll over the image and Aperture will update the white balance preview in real time.

7. CROP & STRAIGHTEN SHORTCUT KEYS – You can toggle back and forth between the crop and straighten tools by pressing the C and G keys.

8. CLIPPING OVERLAYS (including with the Vanishing HUD) – when you press the Command key and move the Exposure, Recover, and Black Point sliders, clipping overlays are displayed. But this also works with the new Vanishing HUD, so if you press both Shift and Command when moving these sliders in full screen, the HUD vanishes and the clipping overlays are displayed.

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