Whether you call it convergence, or hybrid DSLR/video, combo-cams, or VSLRs, there’s no doubt that this space is heating up. I’ve been monitoring it very, very closely. I’ve tested each and every camera that works in this space and I’ve been researching all the companies that provide tools for photographers and filmmakers who are interested in hybrid cameras.

I believe that most of the coverage of convergence we’ve seen so far has come from the perspective of the filmmaking community. The problem with that is, that my research shows there are far, far more still photographers interested in convergence than there are filmmakers. So while all the manufacturers and editors are busy scrambling for mindshare with the filmmakers, the larger audience, still shooters, have been under-served. My goal is to gather enough information on the subject to help the manufacturers see the value of the still photography audience and to provide us with better information and access. Thanks for taking the poll.

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