With LuminarAI officially announced for release this holiday season, we’re starting to get a first look at some of the features in the new program.

Add depth with Sky Enhancer

Speaking from experience, Sky Enhancer in the current version of Luminar has saved my skies too many times to count. It’s helped add depth, reduce highlights and add saturation to the otherwise grey, cloudy skies that we experience way too often in Michigan.

With LuminarAI, Sky Enhancer automatically recognizes the sky in your image, without any masking necessary. And when it’s combined with AccentAI, it’s even more impactful. Check out this photo by Daniel Kordan, and see how the sky pops so much more after the adjustment.

Not happy with your sky? Replace it and create something magical

And if you still aren’t happy with your sky, or want to try something otherworldly, that’s where SkyAI comes in handy. With SkyAI, you can easily select from pre-installed skies to use in your photographs (or use your own). It automatically recognizes small details like birds, leaves, grass and hair, and also removes problems like halos, artifacts and hard edges.

The great thing about SkyAI is it’s not just a simple sky swap. Instead — based on the sky selected — it relights the scene. Meaning if you go from a bright afternoon sky to a sunset, it brings in some warmer colors to make for the most realistic replacement possible — just like the photo below from Elia Locardi. You can also control things like horizon position and blending, lighting, focus, haze and more.

Personally, I’m excited to use SkyAI in combination with all of LuminarAI‘s other tools, like AtmosphereAI. All of the tools combined allow you to create something truly unique and that meets your creative vision.

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