ON1 has released its newest update to its Photo RAW program, version 2019.2. In addition to new camera, tethering and lens support, it includes powerful new AI masking and performance enhancements.

Powered by machine learning, the new AI Quick Mask tool can create high-quality masks with just a few strokes as guidance, while understanding things like color, tone and textures to identify boundaries and create a detailed mask. It creates masks in a fraction of the time compared to other techniques and tools.

With 2019.2, ON1 has added support for the Leica D-Lux 7 and Panasonic DMC-TZ101 cameras, and has added tethered shooting support for the Nikon Z6, Z7 and D850.

ON1 is planning additional free releases for the 2019 version this year, with all-new photo organizing and editing features, AI-powered algorithms to enhance workflows, metadata enhancements and more. The next free update is scheduled for mid-spring.

To learn more about ON1 Photo RAW, visit on1.com.