You can manipulate super-useful Fractal Noise effect to create an energy wave. This is good for energy impacts and wipes, and also for stylizing clips. For example, you can have this effect cascade down a superhero’s body or a product image.  

Begin with a solid of any color and add the Fractal Noise effect. It’s found in the Noise and Grain effects. Find the fractal type and noise type that works for you. Adjust the brightness and contrast. Then set keyframes for Evolution to provide some motion.

Then make a mask and feather the edges as needed to get the energy look you want. Use CC Toner to color your effect. Use Roughen Edges to help stylize the border of your effect and help sell the energy look. Add a blur to create some fall off. Punch it up with a Glow.

Watch my short video demonstration and have fun customizing energy-like effects for your After Effects projects!