The latest version of the RAW processor used by pros for years that is now for every photographer — Capture One Pro 20 is available now!

New in Capture One Pro 20

Capture One from Phase One came into being to support their high megapixel camera backs and selected Canon and Nikon cameras is now for everyone. Let’s take a look a just a few of the goodies this latest release has for us …

  • Basic Color Editor is a simplified interface to Capture One’s renowned color editing tool. Its interface is compact taking up less screen real estate and it’s easy to use. Click on a color then drag to adjust hue, saturation and lightness of use the sliders. More control is still in Capture One Pro 20 in the form of the Advanced Color Editor and the Skin Tone tools.
Capture One Pro 20 sports a new simplified color correction and enhancement tool
Color control made easy in Capture One Pro 20.
  • High Dynamic Range tool helps recover highlights and boost shadows. Use it to darken the black and boost the highlight areas in your photo with one simple tool.
  • Noise Reduction retains colors and detail for those problematic high ISO situations. Now you can start editing with higher quality photos!
  • Scrolling Tools allows you to work intuitively and do it quickly by scrolling through the tools and pinning the favorites to the top for fastest access.
  • Crop Tool now allows easy visualization and transforms by moving the tool’s handles. Crop from center, rotate the crop and lock the aspect ratio with modifier keys.
  • DNG file support gives accurate color rendition from any DNG enabled camera including drones and smartphones.
  • Copy layers and masks between photos even if they are different formats or sizes without replacing the existing layers in the destination photo.
  • Interface improvement from text added to tool icons to find the right one faster along with a simplified adjustments clipboard. Higher-resolution thumbnails and one-click background color finish the UI updates.
  • Keyboard shortcuts include new strokes for zoom, full screen, Focus Mask and others. Shortcuts can be customized too.


Capture One comes in several versions depending on the camera being used. This link goes to the supported cameras page. Here’s the rundown.

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  • Capture One Pro 20 processes RAW files from most cameras. There are special versions for specific brands.
  • Capture One 20 (for Sony)
  • Capture One 20 (for Fujifilm)
  • Capture One Express 20 is a free, basic RAW processor for Sony and Fujifilm cameras. Upgrade to the Pro version for all of the tools.
  • Capture One Enterprise 20

Tethered shooting

Capture One Pro 20 is a superior tethering software solution. It supports live view of what the camera sees directly on the computer screen. Additionally, the camera controls can be set from within Capture One. This speeds work on set and helps clients see the photos on their iOS devices using Capture Pilot.

The supported camera list tells with cameras are supported for tethered capture.


Files management is easy in Capture One. Choose between Sessions (individual jobs) and Catalogs to organize photographs as themes or projects. Selecting heroes and collating photos has never been faster.

Free 30-day trial for Capture One Pro 20

Capture One Pro 20 is a great RAW processing tool. Download a free trial copy and see what professional photographers have been using for years and why. Capture One Pro 20 can be purchased as a perpetual license ($299) or on a subscription plan ($20/month).

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