The Weekly Wrap-Up features articles from this week on Photofocus. This week, Jason Hahn teaches us about negative fill, Michael Muraz talks about using negative space in architectural photography, Levi Sim gets low, Vanelli explores using Photoshop with the new Luminar Flex, and Michele Grenier continues her mirrorless journey with a first look at the Sony a9. Enjoy!

How to use negative fill to create deep, dramatic photos - Photography is about capturing a brief moment of light. A large part of the art of photography is how we control light to create an image. Not just of a moment, but for how we want that moment to appear in the photograph. We alter the appearance of light with tools and techniques to add, […]
Using negative space to improve your architectural photography - When photographing architecture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is why I like details and abstracts so much, as it allows me to simplify my compositions and isolate certain features of a building. One tool I use a lot and that can really help with your composition is using negative space. What is negative space? […]
Portrait Tips: Get your camera lower - Your camera’s height has a strong effect on the impact your portraits make. I’m a fairly tall individual, and if I don’t pay attention, my camera comes right up to my eye and I point it toward my subjects, who are usually shorter than me. That means I’m looking down at them, and everyone looking […]
Elevating your Photoshop workflow with Luminar Flex - Advance masking is what Photoshop lives for. The program is designed for graphic artists with tools photographers can also use. Luminar, on the other hand, is designed for Photographers to develop and process images with graphics tools such as layers and masking to blend creativity with solid photography. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how […]
Will I switch from DSLR to Mirrorless? My first photoshoot experience with the Sony a9 - As you might already know, I am seriously thinking about changing my DSLR gear in favor of mirrorless. Because it would require a very important investment — perhaps one of the biggest I could make as a photographer — I want to feel 100% confident about my decision. For review purposes, I’ve been loaned two […]