Recently I’ve been going through my office, garage, bedroom … pretty much everywhere I store random photography gear, and figuring out how to best store it. I discovered that I need a sort of on-the-go pouch of sorts, to keep track of all those little accessories when I’m out shooting.

Ya know, the things that you lose in a huge backpack because there aren’t enough straps or small zippered pockets to keep them secure. Or the things that get scratched like crazy because you don’t have a good way to take care of them (RIP, old filters).

So when WANDRD came out with its Tech Pouch, I was curious.

First impressions

WANDRD sent me a medium size of the Tech Pouch to test out. I wanted something that could hold most of my accessories, but not be so big that it’d just be another bag.

Upon first impression, the Tech Pouch seemed to be of a very nice quality. This came as no surprise, as I’m a huge fan of WANDRD’s PRVKE Backpack (which the Tech Pouch can attach to) and other gear. Made of a N420 HD Ripstop with 5PM Coating, the bag is weather resistant, meaning I don’t have to fuss with a rain cover or worry about my gear inside getting wet. It’s durable, and I easily threw it around the dirt and sand while hiking some Lake Michigan beaches recently.

The medium size has internal accordion dividers, three mesh pockets, two pen/pencil loops, and outside external, fleece-lined pocket and two side handles. Out of all three sizes, the medium Tech Pouch provides the most organization.

The only trouble I had with the Tech Pouch was taking it on and off of my PRVKE bag. It was a bit cumbersome … though at the same time, that would make it pretty difficult to be swiped off your back.

Where the Tech Pouch comes in handy

I mentioned how I had been not-so-safe with some of my old filters, and the Tech Pouch does a remarkable job at solving that. It holds my Urth circular filters almost like they were designed to go in the bag.

But it holds so much more, too. Right now I use it to hold things like filters, a tripod plate, business cards, SD cards and an Allen wrench. Once I start traveling again, I’ll use the Tech Pouch to hold things like laptop chargers, portable hard drives and more.

I remember as a kid that my mom had a “junk drawer” where things without homes would inevitably end up. To me, the WANDRD Tech Bag is the modern version of a “junk drawer” for photographers. It holds all those things that you need ready access to when you’re out on a photoshoot … but where you don’t know where to put. And for me, that makes the WANDRD Tech Pouch totally worth while.

WANDRD Medium 2L Tech Pouch (Black)

Designed to be used on its own or with other bags, the WANDRD Medium 2L Tech Pouch was thoughtfully crafted to carry your essential tech and personal gear while keeping it safe, organized, and easily accessible when you need it. You can put WANDRD’s small tech pouch within it for better organization or attach it to the outside of their PRVKE and DUO backpacks. However you use it, you’ll appreciate the protection and organization it provides for the things you need every day.