Street photography is one of the most accessible genres to get into. However, as you go further into the craft, you might begin to develop some bad habits. These could either set your photography back, end you up with boring photos, or cause you to not make the most out of your shooting opportunities.

In the video above, London-based street photographer Roman Fox shares five of such bad habits that he was doing when he was starting out. Some of these he still catches himself doing now and then to this day. He has also found that we tend to do these bad habits subconsciously, perhaps in our excitement to catch the “decisive moment.”

Perhaps the most common of these is rushing headfirst into taking shots, which he realized causes him to make crucial mistakes in composition. Another is always shooting without at least a rough direction about the photos we want to create. This often causes our work to be all over the place, and we end up not developing our own street photography style or vision.

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