Deciding what photography accessories to bring with us when taking a trip is not always straightforward. First, we need to weigh how useful an item is compared to the amount of space the item will take up. Then we need to determine if the extra weight is worth it. Fortunately, good things come in small sizes.

We talk about cameras, lenses, bags, and filters all the time. However, we don’t spend nearly enough time discussing the photography accessories we use behind the scenes. So, in this roundup, I will share a few items that I consider essential when I hit the road. The items listed here might not be glamorous, but don’t underestimate just how vital photography accessories like these items are.

XCELLON Mighty Mini 100w 4-port charger

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You’re probably going to have a lot of equipment with you on your photography road trip, and most of that gear will need to charge at some point. That’s not a problem. Enter the XCELLON 100w 4-port charger. This power brick features two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, and it’s powerful enough to charge your camera battery (while in the camera), a drone battery, a laptop and a phone all at the same time!

I have been using this XCELLON charger for months, and it works like a charm. This fast-charge compatible brick has built-in protection to prevent short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage and over-temperature issues. It weighs just 0.42lbs (191g), and measures 2.4 x 1.1 x 3.4 inches. This charger should be one of the first accessories you pack in your camera bag.

Sensei Optics care and cleaning kit — A must-own photography accessory

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You can get affordable cleaning kits that come in small packages these days. The Sensei Optics cleaning kit is one of them. Everything you need to clean your gear comes in a handy travel bag that will take up minimal room in your camera bag.

The kit includes a cleaning solution, lens tissues, a blower, a dust removal brush, a lens pen that removes stubborn particles, a microfiber cloth and a squeegee to remove excess cleaning fluid. This kit will easily tuck into your camera bag and makes it easy to keep your gear in tip-top shape while on the road. I make sure I always have this kit in my bag.

XCELLON 3-port USB hub and card reader

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I edit my images with an iPad Pro when I’m out or on an extended photography trip. So, I need a hub to quickly transfer pictures off my SD cards and onto my tablet. The XCELLON 3-port USB-C hub, which costs less than $20, fits the bill.

The hub features both SD and micro SD card readers, one USB-C/Thunderbolt port and two USB 3.0 ports. Measuring just 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, this hub will fit just about anywhere in a camera bag. On top of this, this hub can transfer your images at speeds up to 5Gbps. The hub is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. It’s one of the photography accessories that should be on every traveling photographer’s list.

Ruggard Rain Shield — An essential photography accessory

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These days, many cameras and lenses feature weather sealing. However, there are times when I like to get out in the field when Mother Nature is displaying her full fury. Therefore, I want to ensure my cameras and lenses have more protection from the elements. For this reason, the Ruggard Rain Shield is one of the photography accessories will that always have a first-class ticket to ride in my camera bag.

The cover comes in three sizes. The small shield (pictured above) is big enough to cover a DSLR with an attached 12-inch long lens. The cover fits securely around the lens and around the base of a tripod. An opening in the back gives access to all of the camera’s controls. This accessory is a no-brainer if you like to get out in the elements. It’s one of my must-have photography accessories. Be sure to read our review.