Skylum has announced that its giving away its popular one-click editing program, Photolemur, for FREE! You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Watch the below video
  2. Share the video with your friends on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)
  3. Subscribe to the Skylum Software YouTube channel
  4. Check back on the video page, which will be updated with a link in the description once the video hits 100,000 views.

Photolemur 2 will become unlocked for FREE once this video gets 100,000 views! Stay tuned to the YouTube video page, which will be updated with the unique download link once 100,000 views is hit. It will be available for three days only.

Using advanced algorithms, Photolemur is a one-click editing solution that makes perfecting your photographs simple and automatic. To learn more, visit