This morning, Skylum announced an update to its new LuminarAI program, version 1.0.1. The update adds several interface improvements, as well as 111 bug fixes for both macOS and Windows platforms.

Enhanced editing experience

The biggest change users will see is the new Edit panel. Instead of being broken out into tabs, you’ll now see all of the tools in one scrolling list. They’re divided into categories by color, but the need to switch back and forth between tabs has been removed.

LuminarAI 1.0.1 also debuts a redesigned Toning tool, with sliders for both Shadows and Highlights. It now matches the design of other LuminarAI tools.

Also new to LuminarAI 1.0.1 is a pop-up menu when you click the Import icon and scroll arrows for the For This Photo feature in Templates. Tooltips have also been added throughout the software, so you can hover over icons in LuminarAI to understand what each feature does.

Bug fixes

A few major bugs were fixed on both macOS and Windows, including a zooming issue on Windows that prevented users from expanding editing tools. Fixes have also been made to the Clone & Stamp tool, Erase tool and Template previews on macOS, while Windows also sees fixes to the Luminar 4 migration and background blend while using Augmented SkyAI.

LuminarAI 1.0.1 is a free update for current users. You can update by going to LuminarAI > Check for update (macOS) or Help > Check for updates (Windows).

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