Each month we spend some time with one of you, the everyday photographer. On The Photographer Show with Scott + Lauri, sponsored by our friends at Tamron, we share our love of photography and discuss a few images to learn more about our readers and the Photofocus Community members.

This month, we’re joined by Darcee McCutcheon from the Quad Cities area on the Illinois/Iowa border. Darcee talks to us about her incredible trip and experiences in Tanzania. Be sure to watch the entire episode above!

Darcee is a serious hobby photographer who has taken pictures for years. She admits that she was the annoying woman (sister, aunt, granddaughter, daughter, or friend) who was always pointing the camera in your face at every gathering. She has owned a DSLR since 2002 but has learned and grown in her work so much in the last several years.

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