As someone who’s had a smartphone for quite a while … and a tripod … you think by now I would have a smartphone tripod adapter, right?

Well, wrong. I recently got a chance to test out the Oben ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter, which let me connect my phone to my Arca Swiss-based Fotopro tripods. And just like how easy our smartphones are to use, the Oben ASPTA-20 is equally easy.

Flexible sizing to hold any size phone

For me, any accessory that holds my phone has to work with a case. And sure enough, the Oben ASPTA-20 does that very well. The adapter features a clamp-style holder that is fully adjustable to hold phones that range from 2.4 to 3.7 inches wide.

One of the things I was worried about as well, was that the adapter is made of a metal material. Would it scratch phones? Thanks to a foam-lined interior, and some rounded edges, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about here.

Adjustable to photograph at any position

The great thing about the Oben ASPTA-20 is it comes with an integrated ball joint, meaning you can angle your phone at virtually any position. Need to shoot up? You can. Down? You can do that too. Need to photograph from a super awkward angle? Yep, you can angle it any which way you want.

A cold shoe mount, too

This was something I hadn’t even thought of. While photographing with a phone can be great, oftentimes phone photographs suffer from poor lighting. The Oben ASPTA-20 has a built-in cold shoe mount, meaning you can connect things like a small LED light, microphone or other accessory.

How it worked in the field

I took the Oben ASPTA-20 to several locations, including Lake Michigan and Frederik Meijer Gardens. It let me easily capture things like long exposures, without having to worry about handheld stabilizing my phone.

The integrated ball joint was flexible but secure, and I never felt worried about my phone getting loose or slipping out of the adapter.

With smartphones getting smarter by the day, it’s a great idea to have an adapter where you can use your tripod to stabilize your phone. Take advantage of your phone’s camera features and use it with long exposures, astrophotographers, low-light, video and more. The Oben ASPTA-20 makes it easy.

Oben ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter

The ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter from Oben lets you securely mount your smartphone onto a wide variety of platforms like a tripod, monopod, and tripod head. And to ensure compatibility, the ASPTA-20 can mount to these platforms via the Arca-type base or either of the standard 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threaded holes in the mounting plate.