As many of you know, I own many iPhone cases (and cages) for my iPhone 13 Pro. The truth is there isn’t any ONE perfect case or cage. Picking the right case or cage depends on what your goals are. Sometimes it depends on what your goals are for one specific job on one specific day. So it pays to have choices.

Some cases/cages are better for video than stills and vice versa. Some support add-on lenses better than others.

But you want a case that actually fits the phone, protects it, supports your photo/video goals and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

For a lot of situations, I think the perfect case is the REEFLEX iPhone case — Pro Series Metal. It’s only $27, and you can save 10% if you sign up for their email list. This is easily the least expensive iPhone case that is dedicated for photography that I have ever seen.

Looks great and is easy to grip

While looks are subjective (and not really relevant to me personally), I do think it’s rather handsome. It features a gunmetal aluminum and matte black finish. It features a 17mm threaded adapter that works with the REEFLEX add-on lenses (or any other 17mm threaded add-on lens). It is easy to grip, fits the phone like a glove, gives great access to all the buttons, etc. Each case made by REEFLEX is designed for a specific phone.

It has a Polyurethane and ABS membrane for increased protection. It also comes with a cool wrist strap, but I have to confess, I am either not smart enough to figure out how to attach it or more likely, my fingers are just too fat to pull it off.

But there are three things (beyond the very low price and the other things I’ve mentioned) that stand out for me.

  1. This sucker is LIGHTWEIGHT! It is the king of MINIMALIST cases in that regard. It weighs a mere 1.41 ounces!
  2. REEFLEX products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original buyer for the lifetime of the product. That’s a crazy good warranty for an under $30 case.
  3. It provides the most protection I’ve seen from any case for the three lenses on the iPhone 13 Pro. Look at the illustration below. It’s got a shelf like design that keeps the lenses from coming into contact with the surface. It’s a brilliant design and will help reduce the amount of damage your lenses could get from coming into contact with hard surfaces. It also cuts down on how often you need to clean the lenses.

Even if you don’t do serious photo or video with your iPhone, this would be a great case. But for those of us who do, it’s an even greater case.

Works great with lenses

I am currently testing the REEFLEX camera lenses and will have a separate report on those. But the 17mm thread is preferable to me compared to the M-Mount. That is the mount used on cases from Nomad and Moment.

The price advantage is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you have to pay roughly $13 shipping for this case UNLESS you order $130 worth of product from REEFLEX — in which case shipping is free. The product ships to the USA from Italy. I got mine in about a week.

A hidden gem in the iPhone accessory market

REEFLEX doesn’t seem to be very well known. I think they face some marketing challenges because their name could be confused with REFLEX lenses (as in single-lens reflex camera) but that aside, I expect great things from this company.

I am always impressed with the fact that these days, we have tons of fantastic choices to make it easier to use our iPhones for content creation. And I am giving this case from REEFLEX my highest endorsement.

If I could only have one iPhone camera case, this would be the one I pick. I rate this system as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.