Recently I was sent a copy of the “Amazing Photography” book from Xpozer. I sat down with a cup of tea, relaxed and prepared myself to be inspired.

Inspirational images

The Amazing Photography book has many inspirational images, of course. It is about amazing photography. There are images from all over the world, and even out-of-this-world images from astronaut Andre’ Kuipers. You’ll find images of people, places and even a few mundane things that will make you want to visit the locations or just get your own camera out and explore the places that are in your area. You’ll be inspired to create and push yourself to do better.

These are just a few that jumped off the pages at me.

Inspirational places for “Amazing Photography”

One of the features I really appreciated in this book is an index that lists all 47 places for the images shown. It also includes a map with the numbered locations to see where the photographs were created in this amazing world.

There is also a list of 15 under-the-radar locations. Some may be relatively easy to get to while others are not quite so easily accessed. In the end, the images are well worth the effort. Let’s hope that these locations stay a bit under the radar though, seeing as how the secret is out now.

Inspirational stories

Each photographer brings their work to life even further by telling the story of their images and their photographic journies. The photographer’s stories add to the sense of place in each photo. They share their experiences and in some cases how they created the image. Their words bring together what a particular photograph means to them.

They also explain why it’s important to them to have those memories and experiences printed and hanging on their walls.

Amazing Photography by Xpozer Ivan Van Der Veld Preparing for this trip changed my life
Image by Ivan van der Veld

One particularly inspirational story (to me) was told by Ivan van der Veld. In “Preparing for this trip changed my life,” he shares how he uses photography to push himself to set goals, work toward and overcome them. He uses those goals to be able to do whatever it takes to capture a place he wouldn’t have been able to get to otherwise. By focusing on the result, he can create images that would not have been possible for him at one time.

Using photography to change his life is how I would describe Ivan’s story. It is quite inspiring.

Inspiring tips and useful information

Beyond the stories in the “Amazing Photography” book, there are plenty of useful tips, ideas and practical information you can use. Photo guides will help you select the best photos to print or learn about how viewing distance and resolution work together. There are even tips for enjoying your photos every day.

More helpful and fun content is also included. Information such as insights into why photos are good for you and DIY photography quick fixes. There is even a fun “would you rather” section.

We can all use a bit of inspiration now and then. The Amazing Photography book is an easy-to-pick-up, choose a story and be inspired by, type of book.

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