Like pretty much everyone else, I was super keen to play with the new and improved masking tools for Adobe Lightroom Classic announced recently (it’s also available for Camera Raw and Lightroom). It took just a minute to learn where everything was, but once I started playing I could see the benefits straight away.

If you haven’t done it yet, visit the Creative Cloud app and you should see an update available for Lightroom Classic. Once I ran the update, I was then prompted to update my Catalog. So don’t miss that, as it imports all old settings into new masks.

Things look a little different with the new version of Lightroom Classic.

New Masks tool options

I found these to be quite intuitive to figure out, it only took a minute or so to learn what was where and how it all worked with the new Masks tool. I created a little video looking at flowers, portraits and a landscape.

Looking at new the Masks tool

Other features

There are other features added or updated in this major update too, including premium user presets, an improved crop overlay and new smart overlays. So it’s time to update, if you haven’t already! Check out some more about these features here.