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After a lot of struggle and research Here is a “secret” trick that will help you give more emotions to your interior design photography. A fast tutorial. It is really the one thing that got me the most jobs as an interior design photographer. I have shot over 200 hotels in Paris. We live in a very competitive world and that trick can help you!


The steps are as follows:

  1. Do a basic retouching of your photo
  2. Pick a brush and make sure your flow and density is around 70
  3. Add some exposure and minus clarity
  4. Brush from the light toward the natural way it should flow
  5. Make sure it looks natural but still creates and emotion and is well balanced with the overall feel of the photo
  6. When you look at the photo the next day and you can tell the right away that you have dodge and burn the photo you have gone too far!

I cannot tell you how many customers called me telling me there was something magical, the emotion they could not tell what it is and I got the job.

Check out Serge’s free class and toolkit