Portrait BokehAI is officially available to current LuminarAI users. This addition is a quick way to correct backgrounds, hiding unwanted junk or applying selective edits.

Just like the other AI tools in the LuminarAI toolbox, the new Portrait BokehAI tool grabs the subject successfully with minimal tweaks.

Using the Portrait BokehAI tool to hide an ugly background

For this photoshoot I used it to hide some ugly trash bins in the background behind my subjects. After the subjects were masked automatically by the tool, I painted “focus” on with the Brush Control on a few areas that needed the effect removed, like the baskets.

I also added a local mask to reduce the saturation and contrast of the offending bins. With the same mask I tweaked the temperature and exposure to blend the masked area into the background.

Using the Portrait BokehAI tool to selectively edit the background

As well as adding bokeh blur behind a subject, the Portrait BokehAI tool gives a quick and easy way to edit the background of an image. The tool automatically masks people, and then it’s an easy matter to apply tweaks to the background.

In this photo, the couple were lit by flash, but the background was lit by the incandescent light overhead. Once the tool masked off my subjects, I decreased the brightness slightly, reduced the warmth and added depth correction to bring the background back partially into focus.

The Portrait BokehAI tool adds another way to refine portraits, not only adding background blur to draw the eye to the subject, but making it possible to selectively edit the background to fix problems in moments.

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