With the colors changing and cooler temperatures coming, it’s a great time to experience all that fall has to offer. Our friends over at Adobe has four Lightroom tutorials to help get you started, and walk you through several different edits to your photos. You can check these out in the Learn tab in Lightroom, or click below!

A simple fix to revive a photo on a dull overcast day

By Nick Rains | Start tutorial

Bring out shadows and add pleasing contrast when the natural light isn’t working as desired.

Getting started: Landscape

By the Lightroom Education Team | Start tutorial

Smartphones have amazing cameras that make taking photos very convenient. Using a smartphone, the photographer got really, really low to catch this bold reflection and then used Lightroom’s Light, Color and Effects panels to add some pop!

Perfect an outdoor portrait

By Chris Orwig | Start tutorial

Learn how to perfect an outdoor portrait with a few simple, yet very effective, steps.

Correcting exposure and white balance in a night photo

By Martin Evening | Start tutorial

Learn how to process a nighttime photograph to optimize the tone and color, and in particular, to alter the white balance to achieve a more interesting color effect.