You’ll notice that some applied effects are constrained by the boundaries of the layer you place them on. By this, I mean that the effect stops at the edge of the layer and not the composition. But fear not! There a few easy ways to fix this.

The first method involves applying the RGS Grow Bounds effect to your layer. You can find this in Effect > Red Giant > RGS Grow Bounds. You must move the effect to the top of your Effects Controls panel (above the other effects) for your adjustments to be seen. Then, you can simple increase the pixel value of RGS Grow Bounds and watch your other applied effects begin to extend past the layer boundaries.

Another method is to pre-compose your layer. Select the option to move all attributes and create the pre-comp. Then, apply the effect to the pre-comp layer. You’ll notice that the pre-comp layer bounds now extend to the edge of the composition, so your applied effect will extend that far as well.

Watch this quick video tutorial to see these two methods in action.