Last week, Adobe announced a Gmail plug-in that lets users quickly and easily access Creative Cloud files. Now available on the G Suite Marketplace, the add-on works with files or libraries created in popular Adobe programs, including Photoshop.

How it works

Once installed, when you compose a new email in Gmail, you can click the Creative Cloud icon at the bottom of the message. This launches a file browser, where you can search and find assets tied to your Creative Cloud account.

Courtesy of Google

This works with both files and libraries, as long as they are publicly available. Private links are currently not supported. If you select a private asset, you’ll be prompted to set it to private.

“While new collaboration channels are all the rage, business email is actually on the rise with individuals sending and receiving more emails every day. Bringing Creative Cloud into G Suite enables our mutual user base to simplify routine tasks while staying productive in their inbox,” said Sid Arora, product manager for Adobe Creative Cloud.

In my tests with the plug-in, I found it to be super fast and accurate with my searches. It’s extremely easy to use, and if you’ve ever tried sharing Adobe assets with other users … this should make it way easier to do so. File sizes up to 100MB are supported, which is great, because most traditional email attachments are limited to 20MB or less.

The plug-in also lets you save files or libraries from Gmail directly into your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Courtesy of Google

Currently, Lightroom albums and collections are not supported. This is definitely something I’d like to see, but with the built-in sharing capabilities of the Lightroom apps, you can still easily share your photos with clients and friends.

To get started, visit the G Suite Marketplace and download today. It works for both standard Gmail accounts, as well as Google Suite accounts for business users.