When I first reviewed DxO PureRAW, one of my only complaints was lack of control. With DxO PureRAW, you selected the photos to be processed, chose the output folder and noise reduction method and that’s it. There was no control over things like lens sharpening and distortion.

Until now.

With DxO PureRAW 1.5 — a free update for current customers — you can now select whether to apply optical corrections to your images. It has two toggles, for global lens sharpening and lens distortion correction. Both of these are turned on by default, giving you the same result as the previous version.

You now have an option to switch them off, which can make a big difference in photos depending on the subject. For example, you might not want to bring extra sharpening to children or newborn photos. And getting rid of distortion might be a mistake based on the angle you shot at.

Other improvements

The update also brings support for new cameras, including the Pentax K-3 III, Panasonic GH5 II and Nikon Z fc. There are also several new supported lenses from Canon, Irix, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron and Laowa.

PureRAW 1.5 also brings easier access to the DxO Module Manager from the processing window, and you can now select Recently Used and Favorite destinations while processing images. Finally, the update adds new zoom options up to 16:1, and gives a size estimation when processing images as DNG files.