This morning at Adobe MAX, Adobe has announced some major updates to Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. The updates to Lightroom CC focus on finding the photos you care about quickly and efficiently, so you can edit and share with less effort.

Lightroom CC updates

People View

Similar to Lightroom Classic’s faces, People View in Lightroom CC lets you see all the people you have in your photo library. But instead of having to manually tag them, Lightroom CC works with Adobe Sensei to automatically tag your photographs.

Improved search

Automatic search suggestions are now provided as you type in the Lightroom CC search box. Lightroom CC provides suggestions for metadata like cameras, lenses, aperture, ISO, locations, keywords and more.

New Share tab and Connectors

In addition to the above, there’s a new Share tab that lets you easily browse and access shared albums and images that you made through the Lightroom CC web interface.

As a part of this, you can also now share albums directly to your Adobe Portfolio website using the new Connector feature. This service is slated to have several other services as a part of it as well, with the goal to work with photo labs, photo book printers and more.

Display View (Web)

The new Display view within the Lightroom Web interface lets you see a preview of the page, exactly how your viewers will see it. In this view you can control the layout and background color while inserting breaks between images and text, to help tell the story that accompanies your photos.

Other updates

Apple Photos Migrator – The new Apple Photos Migrator makes it easy to migrate your Apple Photos library into Lightroom CC on your desktop.

Additional sharing options (iOS, Android) – When sharing albums to Lightroom Web, you can now choose to only share images that are flagged or that have a certain star rating or higher.

Lightroom Classic CC and Camera Raw updates

In addition to the Lightroom CC updates, Adobe has announced a set of updates for Lightroom Classic CC and Camera Raw that help provide performance updates and image editing enhancements in key areas so you can create better images, faster.

Faster and more reliable tethering for Canon cameras

In today’s update, you’ll see a big increase in speed and stability when using Tethered Capture in Lightroom Classic. Adobe says you should expect to see a 1.5 to 2 times faster improvement in transfer time. While this is limited to Canon cameras, Adobe is currently working to expand the functionality to Nikon cameras in a future release.

Single-step HDR Panorama Merge

In this update, you can go from a large set of bracketed exposures to a single HDR Panorama DNG in a single step, by using the new HDR Panorama option in the Photo Merge menu. This update has also come to Camera Raw.

Depth Range Masking

Many of today’s cameras and smartphones have the ability to capture depth information, as an additional channel of data. It provides information about where the objects in the photos existed in three-dimensional space. There’s now a new Depth option to the Range Masking tool in both Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw, enabling you to leverage this information to make precise selections and isolate subjects faster. This feature is only available for use with photos that contain Depth Masks, such as Portrait Mode photos captured on recent iPhone cameras.

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