I’m old enough to remember the days of the Polaroid. But I’m young enough to appreciate the benefits of a digital medium in photography. The brilliant Fujifilm Instax SP-2 Printer blends both worlds perfectly. It takes the fuss and pixel peeping tendency out of digital and puts tangible little business card sized prints in your hot little hand. The printer brings good simple fun to photography.


This latest model, the SP-2, brings improved resolution, a rechargeable battery and a choice of colors. But to get hung up on the specs is to entirely miss the point of this little printer.

In a nutshell, this printer can wirelessly connect to your smartphone via an app. It also connects directly to Fuji’s X series line of cameras. Of course there are basic editing adjustments available and a selection of filters. You can even add text or graphics. Hit print and your watch your snapshot come to life. If you already own an Instax camera, you’ll be pleased to learn that the SP-2 uses the same film.Instax share


As a parent, I recently used the printer to crank out a few prints from my Fujilfilm X Pro 2 (but an iPhone would’ve worked too) of our family pumpkin carving with the grandparents. The kids love seeing the prints come to life. And the grandparents cherish the keepsake value of these little prints.

As a photographer, I’ve found the printer to be a great promotional tool. I recently used it to print photo booth style portraits at a networking event. Think of it as a customized promotional piece. I could show my skills as a photographer and provide a real sample. And let’s face it, unlike traditional business cards, these little prints are the kind of promo pieces that will end up on a fridge or bulletin board for months to come—the goal of any effective promo piece.


For about $200, I think the printer is a valuable tool in any photographer’s bag. I consider it a marketing expense! Film is widely available, but the cost can add up if you get carried away.

I absolutely believe in the power of the photographic print. This printer (and Instax film) is tremendous steward of the print medium. Check one out!