5 reasons to vote today

  1. Casting a vote is the duty of every citizen of the United States.
  2. Each vote counts. An uncast vote is in itself a vote for complacency.
  3. Casting a vote grants permission to comment and discuss the outcome and the performance of elected officials (with civility it’s hoped).
  4. Government is a team sport. Voting is how to participate in it.
  5. Each voter gets to sport the “I voted sticker.” It’s the only time it’s cool for an adult to wear a sticker. Wearing stickers is fun. Ask any kid.

The “I voted” sticker selfie challenge

We’d love to see a photo of you with your “I voted!” sticker. Post them to Instagram and mention @photofocus. Let’s collect a sticker selfie from all of the states and territories!

If you voted early, that counts too! Make one and Instagram it!