I recently wrote a post about the fun you can have playing with Plotaverse software, but there is a serious side as well. In addition to the fun, you can create some really cool, but effective commercial product shoots.

Everything is moving to a video platform these days, as it is often much simpler to get your message across in a 5-second video than a still photo.

Food photography

With Plotaverse you can quickly and easily add a 5-second snippet of steam rises from hot fresh food, a cup of coffee or bowl of soup. It can work wonders over just a still image.

You can choose to add audio as well, sizzling hot food for instance. There is the argument that audio is often not needed and the majority of people scanning social media actually have the volume muted. Even without additional audio, it can make quite an impact.

What about advertising and product photography?

So what about other areas of photography for commercial applications? With still life, you can add gently sway curtains, butterflies and more. Even with gardening and home decorating images, there is something for just about anything you can think of.

Jewelry? Overlays of sparkles. Audio equipment or instruments? You can adding moving musical notes. Travel images, moving water, swaying grass … you name it. Add movement and light catchlights to water for pool advertisements. You could even use it in real Estate. There really is quite a lot of scope with this software.

Ultimately it really is dependent on your imagination. So how do you create these wonders? Here is a little video on HOW.