I was recently asked to review Plotagraph Pro, and I was super excited to play with this one. I have seen it before and thought it would be great fun to play with. In a word, it animates your photos. Think Harry Potter-style magic photos, although the people don’t get up and leave! Plotaverse calls it “motion art, a photo animation revolution.”

Here are the basics …

Start by logging into the Plotaverse online portal and create from there, there’s no real software to download onto your computer as such. You import any images you want to work on and once completed you export an MP4 file to your PC.

You can choose a variety of movement levels within your photos. Moving clouds? Swaying grass? Check! Select what direction and how fast. Choose for your main subject (perhaps your model) to stand still and have everything gentle swaying with a breeze around her. You can even add the noise of wind to your images as well. Yes, audio to photos!

Something to really get animated about …

If you jump over to the FX panel there are some REALLY fun animations you can add to your images too. It should come with a warning — I lost a LOT of time playing in here, as there are a fabulous assortment of animated GIFs that you can add to your images. Butterflies and twinkles to cats, dogs and dinosaurs. You can make images from scratch in here too.

Get inspired …

It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with so many options. You can also check out creations made by other photographers and artists, or if you want more of a step-by-step, check out the Plotaverse tutorials on YouTube.

I suggest starting with something small first and just play. Getting the hang of creating movement and subtle tweaks of moving fabric and such feels a little clunky at first, but once you start to get the hang of it things start to smooth out. Check out my little intro video below!

Not just animated GIFs

Plotagraph Pro isn’t just for animated GIFs, either. These are high-end animations for your photos, with FX overlays and there is even morphing there as well. Add to that an online portfolio and Plotaverse, which is a thriving artists community to share and learn too. Usually $99 annually, you can save $20 on the Plotaverse suite of apps when you buy today!