This week’s podcast features Levi Sim catching up with wildlife photographer Shannon Benson (aka Shannon Wild). They go deep into her photographic journey as well as discuss working with animals, shooting outdoors, and gear choices.

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Shannon Wild

Shannon Benson aka Shannon Wild is an Australian wildlife photographer, author and presenter based in South Africa. She is an official contributing photographer for WildAid. Shannon has a weekly series on , which follows her adventures in her search for the perfect shot.

She has been involved in various conservation projects over the years including shooting two charity calendars for Devil Ark called the Australian Girls of Herpetology, volunteering her photographic services and working with the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana in the Caribbean as well as spending many years as an Australian wildlife carer involved in rescue and rehabilitation specialising in reptiles.

Shannon Wild and Levi Sim discuss:

  • What kind of Photography does Shannon create?
  • Where does she live and where did she grow up?
  • Tips photographing animals
  • What she hopes her photography does when people look at it?
  • What she teaches on her YouTube show?
  • What kind of animals does she work with?
  • Her scary cheetah story
  • How does she make make a living as a wildlife photographer?
  • What gear does Shannon shoot with?
  • Tips on photographing large animals
  • Where to find Shannon Wild?