If you’re in Zoom meetings this year, you’ve probably seen a lot of extra people popping into meetings. Lots of children and pets who wouldn’t normally be invited often enter the screen.

You’ve probably had some of the same surprise visits happening in your live shoots, too. I’ve had a lot of people bring children along because our appointment is during what would usually be school hours, but the kids are doing online learning that day or are otherwise not at school.

Don’t hog that opportunity to make a fun and happy impression.

Seize the day and make their day

This is your chance to really brighten your subject’s day, and especially their holiday season. After you make your headshots or product pictures, or whatever other work you’re doing, invite the kids to be in a picture with their parent. Maybe you can even make one of the kids alone.

You’ll see magic happen. The same person who was reticent about being in front of the lens a moment ago will open up with a joyous expression — and the kids will, too.

You’ve got the power

You have the chance to make a big impact on at least two people’s day. Seize the chance and just do it! The power to make a happy impression is a privilege and you should take any opportunity to wield it.

Merry Christmas.

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