For the last several years, there’s always been at least one Platypod in my pack. I rarely carry a tripod for landscape and photowalks anymore, and I use a second Platypod to support my small lights for close-up work on a weekly basis.

Now with the way we communicate completely overturned by the pandemic, Platypod has released a special twin pack of Platypod Ultras. I can see a lot of good use cases for it.

Two for you

The twin pack was inspired by a famous organization buying a huge quantity of Platypods from a major retailer (that’s a lot of hyperbole, but it’s appropriate) so that they could use them with their webcams and lighting for all the video conferencing they are have been forced into.

While the twin pack is ideal for big organizations, it’s an excellent opportunity for you, too. You can get two Ultras with lighting adapters and silicon pads for just $89, whereas a single Ultra with accessories is $79. I like having two, and I think you will, too.

Or, maybe you can your buddy will split a pack. Either way, it’s a great time to get Ultra with the accessories I use the most at a better price.

Who else is it for?

With millions of conference calls happening every minute and university and school classes being held online, this twin pack is a good way for teachers and presenters to manage their lights and cameras.

A teacher could switch views to the demonstration camera sitting on the counter easily. GoPros can mount directly to the spigot adapter, offering a good perspective for chemical relations or examinations of a predator’s teeth on a skull.

There’s a lot of ways two Platypods could help presenters online. Platypod made this fun video with several ideas.

At $89, I think this new twin pack of Platypod Ultras is a good opportunity to get your hands on two of my favorite tools for a lower price. It’d also be useful in many commercial situations. It’s not too early to think about it as a stocking stuffer for the holidays, too.