Looking back at WPPI without the fluff, just the real stuff. Here’s my review of 10 exposing brands in a very short and sweet recap.

777 Sign

This 17 years old company prints trade show banners, advertising flags, custom displays and banner stands to customers all across the US. Their strength? That’s pretty straightforward: Their very low price!

EQ Grenade at WPPI

EQ Grenade

Founded in 1996, EQ Grenade are manufacturers of smoke grenades. These grenades are legal, nontoxic and non-carcinogenic. They also contain no sulfur, meaning you and your models can breathe without any risk. These products are great to create spectacular effects in photography. The grenades are offered in nine different colors that range in burn time from 30-90 seconds.


Known for over 20 years for producing high-end handcrafted books made in Italy. The company has also been creating a lot of products that are geared toward portrait photographers (wedding books, archival mat and metal prints). Besides their world-renowned albums, the wall art products have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

HoldFast at WPPI


This Oklahoma company crafts and assembles handmade leather multi-camera straps. What makes them different? Their fabulously comfortable and elegant style.

Their newest product? The legendary MoneyMaker in an all-weather, all-situation Vegan Leather version.

UAF Photo Lab

A family-run company, based in Toronto, Canada, that offers a full-service lab. They stand behind everything they do and take great pride in offering exceptional service. When you call, you talk to the owners — to the family. Their most famous and appreciated products are their handcrafted albums.

Photobiz at WPPI


A website built with all the tools included for photographers. From a professional website to your marketing tools, scheduler, contract builder, you can create your online business in a single place. Besides their great service, the company’s strength relies on its outstanding “real person” customer support.

Rocky Nook

Currently producing around 30 books a year, this educational book publisher has started back in 2006. Their all-time bestseller? “The Art of Photography” by Bruce Barnbaum.

And in the next five years, Rocky Nook expects to publish books beyond photography. You can sign up for their newsletter right here to learn about authors, webinars, exciting new projects and discounts.

Rocky Nook at WPPI


Currently the number one full-frame camera seller and the number one in the mirrorless industry. The company has just released a new lens, the 20mm f/1.8 G — their widest native prime yet. This small and light lens makes an excellent choice for vloggers, video-photographers, street photography and even APS-C cameras. (If I ever land a hand on it I’ll let you know my thoughts.)

The Album Master

An album company based out of New Jersey. Not only they do their own printing, but they also offer wall art, frames and albums made out of aluminum, acrylic and leather.


Offers high-end camera lenses for SLR and Mirrorless systems. The Batis line — created for Sony’s mirrorless cameras — is currently their top-seller. The 40mm f/2, the newest of the family, offers a much appreciated and very unique focal length. The company is known for the “ZEISS Look,” a combination of colors, sharpness and 3D pop.

That’s what concludes my looking back at WPPI. Have you attended the event as well? If so, have you made new discoveries walking through the booths? Please leave your favorite ones in the comment!

Lead photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash