Whenever I see a new piece of photo gear, one of the first things I ask myself is “what else can it do?” You’ll find great reviews of Platypod Pro Max by my fellow Photofocus authors extolling it’s virtues as a camera platform – and while it certainly excels at that – I’m more interested in what else it can do.

Its large flat surface and 3/8-16 thread made me immediately think it could also be perfect as a lighting platform whenever I wanted to place a kicker light close to the ground. I’ve improvised many times in the past, using everything from using light stands lying flat on the ground to jamming the head between a pair of 25′ sandbags but neither is a perfect solution.

Platypod Pro Max (pre-order and save here) is just what I was after. Its large 5.25 x 7.75” flat surface makes it ideal for balancing strobe heads with large reflectors – plus it takes up almost no space in your grip bag..

Platypod Pro Max
Platypod Pro Max securely holds a Profoto head with a 12″ Magnum Reflector

The 3/8-16 thread allows you to attach an industry standard 5/8″ lighting pin such as Impact Female Threaded 3/8″ to Male 5/8″ Stud Adapter ($4.95 here) or Manfrotto 186 Female Threaded 3/8″ to Male 5/8″ Stud Adapter ($6.43 here).

Platypod Pro Max
Here’s the Impact Female Threaded 3/8″ to Male 5/8″ Stud Adapter on Platypod Pro Max.

MMA Fighter Edgar Plazaola
Here’s the Platypod Pro Max in action on a shoot of MMA Fighter Edgar Plazaola photographed for Alpha Universe.

Platypod Pro Max
Platypod Pro Max comes with a red velvet carrying pouch that protects it and makes it easy to find in your camera or grip bag.