Since April 2019 is the 49th anniversary of Earth Month, it seemed like a good time to share some information from Adobe Stock’s 2019 Visual Trend Blog.

Adobe Stock’s latest 2019 Visual Trend, Brand Stand, explores the explosive consumer demand for companies that align with their own values and how brands can seize the moment with high-impact creative that resonates. This widespread trend has made its way into stock photography as well. In the past year, Adobe Stock has seen queries for “recycling” grow by 53 percent, “sustainability” by 50 percent and “social responsibility” by 43 percent.

Leopard Seal Antarctic Peninsula

What does this mean for photographers? Well, if you sell stock images it would be a good time to update your portfolios with images that reflect this trend. Now, more than ever, the “Save the Planet” movement is constantly in the news and in front of us 24/7 via social media. This is only one of the social issues that stock photographers can tap in to.

Gentoo Penguin Antarctic Peninsula

I suggest reading the Adobe Brand Stand article to learn more.

Humpback Whale Fluke Antarctic Peninsula

For me, I recently had the opportunity to visit the Antarctic Peninsula with One Ocean Expeditions, a company who pride themselves in doing what they can to educate the public and those who travel with them. On board our ship we had “Team Whale” — four whale scientists from the California Ocean Alliance who the passengers learned a great deal from. There was an auction to raise funds for COA and several other organizations who work on helping make the world a better place. On every voyage, there are scientists and historians who pass on their knowledge to the passengers to create awareness of the things we as humans can do to help save our environment.

The point is, we can all do our part to help raise awareness of so many things in this world. Not only by sharing our images but also our time, talents and experiences. We can choose to donate a portion of sales to our favorite cause or we can create an awareness project in our own local area or even globally with the help of social media. The possibilities are endless.