You might have missed that the Photofocus team has been hard at work creating great presets for Lightroom. It’s part of our partnership with Mosaic (be sure to check out the Lightroom Learning Center).

Photofocus contributor Robert Vanelli offers up one from his collection a Lightroom preset for summer and beach photos. It’s totally free and you can get it here. (Plus, don’t miss ones by Nicolesy, Levi Sim, Lisa Robinson and Rich Harrington that you can download here).

Split toning, desaturating colors and using curves to crunch the blacks help create an earth tone effect great for outdoor shots. To further enhance the effect, add a 30% noise reduction to soften skin for female models. Once you tweak the image, save the preset with an appended name such as “Beach Day-30% NR”. This will save time when applying the effect on females or children.

You can download this new preset here.