I recently had a short discussion with someone on mobile phone cameras and their capabilities based on this article. And, as social media does, it showed me this new video from Sean Tucker about the exact thing we were discussing.

As always, Sean hits all the pertinent points in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand manner. He has made me want to go further down the mobile photography rabbit hole of learning to use the camera and other apps to improve my phone photos. My particular phone doesn’t have the capabilities that the phone he is using as an example has, but I know there are ways of doing what I want to do. 

What I really love about this video is that he explains, what I feel, is one of the best reasons to use your phone camera. Use it to learn. Using what you have with you almost every moment of every day, you’ll gain confidence and become better at composing images. Like anything, practice is what makes you better.

We used to write phone photography off as ‘not as good as’. The truth is it continues to get better and better. Yes, there are still limits. But, more and more of us ‘real’ photographers are getting away from declaring which images were created with a mobile phone and which were created with our DSLR/mirrorless or other ‘real’ cameras.