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Photographer: Milosh Kosanovich Scattered Storms


I may be a bit partial to this because I live near Chicago and am in the city quite often. I love the drama in the light and clouds and it’s always great to see a new point of view of an old familiar city. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, but also about planning to be there and returning to the same spot over and over as conditions are constantly changing, different times of the day, different times of the year and ever changing weather always present so many opportunities.

This image was taken from the John Hancock building observation area (360 Chicago) and every Monday they have Tripod Mondays which means they allow you to use tripods on Mondays. It’s a good reminder to check with tourist sites that you’re planning on visiting to find out the rules about tripods and photography in general. Also, check with local camera clubs and organizations who may have outings during the times your visiting.

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