I’m sure that I’m not the only one missing a lot of things because of the ongoing pandemic. At the top of the list is definitely travel. This is why I find myself drawn to the works of photographers who can vividly remind me what it’s like to be on the road or up in the clouds en route to somewhere wonderful.

Among them is Munich-based photographer and designer Tom Hegen, who shot this beautiful aerial photography project that showcases the geometric beauty of airports.

Unexpected airport art

According to Hegen, the project, simply titled “AIRPORTS,” is dedicated to the place that most travelers don’t pay much attention to when they’re on the way to their destination. Many airports are noteworthy architectural marvels on their own, with impressive details and features that are hard to miss. Mostly unseen to us, however, are geometric art that can only be revealed through the bird’s eye view. How ironic, yet clever, is that?

“Nevertheless, the view from above shows a very autonomous, graphic and almost illustrative quality of airports. Between terminal facilities and runway markings, the airplanes on concrete taxiways become a miniature edition of themselves.”

Hegen also noted that airports unveil an order in the chaos when viewed from a great distance. Planners, ground crew, architects and engineers ensure the smooth operations, and their teamwork is certainly a major inspiration for this series. Connectedness, order and feats of engineering are also beautifully portrayed in his aerial photography.

Airports as a symbol of adventure

Apart from being a showcase of hidden art, I’m sure many photographers will also find that Hegen’s project represents the taste for adventure that we are all looking forward to satiate. It’s a creative reminder of the connectedness we are all missing, given the current global situation.

“Airports are catalysts of a highly mobile society and a connecting link between continents, countries, towns and people.”

If you’re curious about the making of “AIRPORTS,” you’ll be impressed to know that Hegen shot the project aboard a helicopter. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), flying drones near airports is generally not allowed because it’s difficult for manned aircrafts to see and avoid drones while in flight.

Watch Hegen in action below:

The next time we can finally visit an airport, I hope that we will all think about the geometric visual wonders that lay mostly hidden in the chaos of travelers flying to and from its terminals. It may still take a while before it happens, but I’m glad that there are works like “AIRPORTS” that can tide travelers like me over.

If you liked this aerial series, don’t forget to visit Tom Hegen’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his impressive aerial photography.

All photos by Tom Hegen. Used with Creative Commons permission.