Color theory is one of the most important guidelines for visual communicators — photographers included. If you do a lot of color photography, it’s definitely something you need to have a good grasp of. It’s also a complex and broad topic, but today’s featured video should give you a basic understanding for starters.

In the video above, Sydney, Australia-based travel photographer and blogger Pat Kay tackled color theory as part of his visual language and visual patterns series. He begins by stressing that intentional and methodical use of color is a surefire way to elevate your photography. However, it also applies to visual art in general, so, it’s definitely a useful skill to have.

He also covers some of the terms you’ll encounter not only in the subject of color theory, but also when editing your photos using an image editing software. He also briefly mentions the psychology of color, another part of the concept that will guide your use of color and the message of your photos. Many photographers who talk about color theory are actually referring to color harmony, or color combinations that are visually appealing. Lastly, Kay also included a bunch of examples of color theory at work in his photography.

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