One of the most fun things about shooting in the studio is experimenting with different light modifiers to achieve different looks. Apart from the usual tools like softboxes, reflectors and gobos, you may also want to consider adding v-flats to your arsenal. Whether you’re doing a fashion shoot or a creative portrait session, these simple implements will let you create stunning portrait lighting in the studio.

In the quick video above, Canada-based commercial and portrait photographer Nathan Elson shared a simple yet effective setup with three light sources and two v-flats. He also explained how he was able to shape the light with these tools to draw attention to his model. V-flats are simply black and white foam boards joined on one edge to form a V shape. But we can see here how useful and versatile they are for creating beautiful and dramatic light for portraits. The white side acts as a large reflector, while the black side removes some of the light to add more contrast to the shot.

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