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NOTE: I made every photo for this post using a Fuji X100T and shot in JPEG mode. The images you see here are 100% right out of the camera without any modification of any kind (except some cropping here and there.) They never touched Lightroom or Photoshop. I made no tonal changes, no corrections – […]

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    I’ve been shooting recently with the new Nikon Coolpix P7000 compact camera. While I have used other cameras as well, I’ve spent more time with the compact than anything else. I’m pretty happy with the results, especially given the fact that I don’t know the new camera that well. During the course of […]

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Nikon provided me with a P7000 to play with prior to the camera hitting retail shelves.* I haven’t had extensive time with the camera, but I can tell you that based on my limited time with the product, it’s certainly a game changer – at least for the Nikon faithful. The P7000 doesn’t piggy back […]

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Behold, the new 8-megapixel Samsung Memoir.

Let me tell you about how my day is going. I wrote an Automator workflow yesterday that would download the latest editions of 90 different comic strips every morning, slap them inside a PDF, and upload the file to both my home media server and my iDisk every morning at 7 AM. Every morning when I awake at the crack of noon (-ish), I can turn to the PowerBook on my nightstand and catch up on Mary Worth before I even get out of bed.

But it didn’t work. Apparently I’d passed a faulty parameter to the “New PDF From Images” action. It was easily fixed, no worries there, but I was expecting a breakfast in bed of hot, fresh comics, Instead, I wound up sitting in bed, debugging.

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