If you have photos you need a place to back them up. If you don’t have access to a remote location for your backup storage, you need something or some place that is disaster-proof to store them. Enter the ioSafe Solo G3 USB 3.0 1TB. At just under $450 it’s more expensive than other 1TB drives, but there’s a reason for that. It comes with some extra features that will help keep your data extra safe.

It’s fast (USB 3.0) and comes in a fireproof and waterproof housing. The unit also ships with a year of free recovery service should you have a mishap.

The shell is well built and definitely different looking from any hard drive I’ve tested. While I have no way to independently test the company’s claims of this drive’s ability to withstand fire and water short of flooding my basement after setting it on fire, their track record is good and they have a reputation for standing behind their products.

The drive isn’t as noisy as some I own (no fans) and it looks great sitting next to my Mac. It is heavy – which I guess you’d expect for something that’s supposed to be tough. It’s still subject to the same drive failures any device would be – i.e., the housing can protect your data against fire and water damage but disks do spin down and crash, get corrupted, etc. So there’s no magic bullet here. But this is the second such unit I’ve tested from ioSafe and the first has run for more than 14 months without a hitch.

If you have important data – especially data that you can only backup onsite, I think the ioSafe Solo G3 is probably your best bet.

Highly recommended.


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